P卡秋【Humans of Taipei】姑媽的故事

Photo / Article:  Humans of Taipei “You can take a picture of my mom and the kids. Those two on the right are mine, and the little one on the left is my younger brother’s. She is only 1 and half years […]

P卡秋蔡瑞月舞者 演繹邱和順遭刑求過程



P卡秋【Humans of Taipei】跨海送行

Photo / Article:  Humans of Taipei In the night of 23rd, a memorial ceremony was held in Guisui park, for former licensed sex worker, aunt Li-jun, by COSWAS (Collective Of Sex Workers And Supporters). […]

P全球P卡秋古禮古厝迎新移民家庭 抓週享天倫樂

「要抓雞腿嗎? 還是要花生? 啊最後拿了算盤 ! 以後寶貝要當精算師賺大錢 !」孩子們東抓西抓終於選了個算盤,一旁媽媽看自家寶貝選了個算盤更是笑得合不攏嘴。


P卡秋【Humans of Taipei】來自台中

Photo / Article:  Humans of Taipei Left: ”We are from Taichung. We were high school classmates. After graduation he continued his study in Kaohsiung and I came to Taipei for college and then military […]

P卡秋【Humans of Taipei】來自濟南

“I am from Jinan and now visiting a relative in Taipei. I like Taipei. It’s an international city but not like Shanghai and Beijing, where people distanced themselves from others. Taipei has the warm hospitality and culture. And you can criticize the government and throw shoes to the authority…

“There are something in common. Cities in both China and Taiwan keep changing fast. Not only geographically but also the ideas of people. If no one keeps a record for the people, incidents and objects, these things just left us too soon. They just disappear from the cities. That’s why I quit my job as a film producer and switched to independent film producing. I’d like to start some documentaries.