該基金會提出幾點訴求:(1)退回二要三不,重新提出務實且具改革時間表的政策 (2)中央支應重建經費,並向石化業求償 (3)全台石化管線的清查應訂定時間表 (4)建立化學災害應變機制、國家級防災與救災機構 (5)政府落實五輕2015年關廠、大社工業區2018年關廠的承諾。

P卡秋【Humans of Taipei】開齋節

“During the holy month of fasting, we can’t eat or drink anything before 7 PM every day. We are used to it and don’t think it’s difficult, because we’ve had fasting months since childhood.

“It was the end of the holy month yesterday and then today is the new year’s day. That’s why we schedule our only one, monthly day off today. We went to pray in the morning, had lunch and then take a walk around Taipei 101.”

P卡秋高雄八一氣爆意外災後記錄 2014/08/02

記者 林建成/高雄報導



P卡秋【Humans of Taipei】角色扮演

“Cosplay is so much fun, not because you can dress up, but because you can make many friends.”

“I look plain and my body isn’t in good shape. I have to wrap myself up in the armor because I wouldn’t look good in other cosplay costumes.

“I spent half a year making this armor. The foam texture isn’t heavy but it’s not air-permeable. I walk for a while and felt extremely hot, and have to take a rest.”

P卡秋【Humans of Taipei】姊妹相依偎

“Humans all die sooner or later. God let us experience all these earlier than everyone else. Although on Parents Day at school, no one from my family attends, I still feel the love from my brother and sisters, and other members of my church. They always look after me. I also join skateboarding with friends I met in church. When skateboarding, we do fall. But it’s ok, just get up and everything will be fine.”